MSCRA Position Statement

Recent changes to State Farm’s Select Service agreement have required that MSCRA shops make the difficult decision to remove themselves from the direct repair program that has been promoted as consisting of only the “best of the best” shops through an extensive selection process. We do not feel we can live up to that distinction if we are forced to compromise our commitment to our customers, which recent changes to this agreement would require us to do. MSCRA membership, along with hundreds of other repair shops across the country, believe that the changes to the program provide no benefit to repair shops or their customers and some terms of the agreement have the potential to compromise the level of service and integrity of repairs our customers deserve and have come to expect.

Only Select Service shops are compelled to abide by the terms of the agreement and MSCRA shops decline to continue on the program in order to work with State Farm agents and claims offices to the benefit of our mutual customers, without the constraints imposed by the Select Service agreement. Vehicle owners may be subjected to subtle pressure and misleading statements to choose a Select Service shop instead of a shop of THEIR choice. Should vehicle owners be tempted to comply, they should insist on reading a copy of the agreement for themselves and make their own decision as to whose best interest is protected.

The MSCRA believes the agreement serves to limit repairer choices regarding part selection and appropriate repair procedure, which can compromise passenger safety and vehicle value. MSCRA shops are still the best of the best and we intend to remain so by protecting the best interest of only our customer.

SCRS Consumer-Oriented Website

SCRS Members and Industry Professionals, We thought many of you might be interested to look into a new consumer-oriented website created by the OEM Collision Repair Roundtable which can be found at

The site was launched last week, aimed at providing consumers with information that can help them navigate the process of getting their vehicles repaired following a collision. Please feel free to share this online resource with your friends, colleagues, members and consumers. If you have feedback, please feel free to share it and we will pass it along to the roundtable participants.

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Update: Montana insurance commissioner Lindeen says ‘don’t be steered’ in new PSA-esque ad

By on March 13, 2015

Democratic Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen tells auto body customers not to be “steered” and reminds them of their rights in a new PSA-type ad which ought to please collision repairers.

The announcement was paid for by the Montana Collision Repair Association and Montana Broadcasters Association.

“Don’t be steered in the wrong direction,” Lindeen says, and reminds customers they can go wherever they want for collision repair.

“The insurer’s also required to pay your claim promptly, no matter where your car is repaired,” she says. “Don’t be pressured into using a body shop you’re not comfortable with.”

Society of Collision Repair Specialists board member Bruce Halcro, the past president of the Montana collision association, said the ad is scheduled for release March 17. A version with “For Approval” in the title has been posted online, but Halcro said it’s received the OK and should mimic the final one.

“We’re excited to get it running,” Halcro said.

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